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NFL Super Bowl LIV 2020 Live Stream Online

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Enjoy 54th NFL Super Bowl LIV 2020 Live Stream. The Super Bowl is the most important game of the year in the National Football League (NFL). Over the years it has become fashionable in American countries such as Mexico or Argentina and the rest of the world. Especially now that you can enjoy the NFL Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream. Live broadcasting is watching a program or event in real-time over the Internet instead of using a digital antenna or pay-TV services, such as cable or satellite.

Super Bowl LIV
Super Bowl LIV
Championship:Super Bowl LIV
Location:Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
Starting on:February 2, 2020
Ending on:February 2, 2020
Super Bowl 2020 Kickoff Time:6 PM ET, Kickoff 6:30 PM ET.
Super Bowl 2020 Teams:TBA
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Basic rules to understand the Super Bowl

The NFL Super Bowl 2020 is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide. It is a show tailored to those born in the United States, but that has crossed borders for several years. Not only are more than 100 million Americans who watch the duel on television, but also the different markets that have been added not only for the game but for the extra-sport aspects that surround it. It is estimated that almost 800 million people worldwide will see the encounter between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

But really how many people understand this sport? In Colombia, there are not many. That is why we explain the basic rules so that you know a little more about this sport.

Touchdown (six points)

It is the main play in American football, if a player reaches the scoring zone of the opposing team, with total control of the ball, the “Touchdown” will be marked, which is equivalent to 6 points.

Extra point and a two-point conversion

After a ‘Touchdown,’ the team can make two plays, the first one is the extra point, which consists of kicking the ball in the ten yards, passing it through the goal arch to gain an additional point. The second is to make a play to reach the end zone and add two points.

First and ten

Each team, on the offensive, has four opportunities to go ten yards or more, if they get it on a play, they automatically get a “first and ten”, giving them four other opportunities to keep moving forward.

A field goal (three points)

If a team is in fourth attack opportunity and is at a distance close to the so-called ‘Y,’ the kicker may try to hit the ball from the yard. His team was left and if the kick passes through the goal arch. They credit three points.


When a quarterback, catcher or runner loses the ball, and the opponent gains possession, the loose ball is decreed and the offensive is changed.

Super Bowl: This is how football is played

The NFL Super Bowl 2020 is the game that defines the National Football League (NFL) champion. On the field, the game is played by a representative of each of the two conferences that divide the regular American football league: the National (NFC) and the American (AFC) conference. San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings will participate in Super Bowl NFC 2020.

Both formations have reached the grand final after leading their respective conferences during the regular league (13 wins and 3 losses, both) and overcoming two playoff games. The tremendous physical demand of American football leads to each course being limited to half a year and a ceiling of official matches that do not exceed two tens.

Offensive, defensive and special teams

22 players, 11 of each team, will jump to the game box of the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Like football? Each franchise has about fifty active players divided into three large groups. It rotates according to the circumstances of the game: the offensive team, the defensive and the special teams.

Undoubtedly, the most famous is the quarterback. In charge of distributing games with his passes, always tune with the coach. With the coach, he is connected via headset. The quarterback receives the ball in the snap. It is the action that marks the start of the play or drives by the offensive line. Also be responsible after protecting the game dealer. Behind the quarterback are the running backs skilled runners. If they receive the oval, they must advance all the meters or yards.

On the other hand, if the quarterback decides to pass the ball forward. It will look for one of its wide receivers, fast players who try to uncheck their markers on the wings to receive the assistance of the quarterback. Another key offensive position is that of the tight end, a mixture of runner and receiver of notable physical performance that is used by the quarterback’s right hand to support him.

Score with ‘touchdown’ or ‘field goal’

The team’s offensive machinery is organized to advance along the 100 yards that mark the distance between the end zone and end zone of each squad. To do this, the team with possession of the ball has four downs or attempts to complete a minimum of ten yards from the scrimmage line of the starting point.

If successful, renew the four downs options until you can attack the end zone. If an attacker reaches or receives the oval within the end zone, he completes the desired touchdown, which awards six points. The most wanted play is completed either with a shot between sticks or looking for another career move or pass to the end zone of two points.

Although this is not the only way to score points in the locker, since there is also the option to try a field goal, that is, a shot between the sticks that rise as a goal in each end zone. Hit gives three points in a play that usually works as an escape valve when the attack is already in the rival field and the downs are running out without advancing the corresponding 10 yards. Its protagonist is one of the members of the special teams, the kicker, a player whose function is only to execute the shots.

Writing down or exhausting the downs is not the only way to change the sense of possession since the defensive team can also turn the situation by intercepting a pass or causing a loose fumble ball. All this in four quarters of fifteen minutes with time stopped when the oval is not in play.

How to watch Super Bowl Live Stream?

For Super Bowl LIV (54), the NBC is the chain selected to broadcast the match. It will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2020, at the in Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, United States. CBS is expected to stream the game through the CBS Sports application and on the Internet at, in addition to its usual broadcast.

The NFL selects a network station for the NFL Super Bowl 2020 year after year, so the main broadcasting network is usually different every year. Fox, NBC and CBS will rotate coverage until the end of the 2022 season. CBS will carry Super Bowl LIV in 2020 and Super Bowl LVI (56) in 2022.

NFL Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream on CBS broadcast

In the US for most sporting events, both the CBS Sports application and require a cable or satellite television provider to log in to watch the game. The NFL has requested that online broadcasts of the game are neutral to the network. So, CBS is likely to waive the payment provider’s access requirement for the game. Here is a list of expected options to watch the Super Bowl CBS broadcast:

  • Standard TV broadcast on the local CBS station, for viewing in the US
  • CBS Sports app

Watch Super bowl 54 Live Stream

FOX, NBC and CBS are the registered broadcasters of NFL. But only FOX will stream Super Bowl NFL. The FOX channel is not available in all countries. If you are able to pay for the games, the NFL network is a better option. They charge 14 dollars for weekly subscription and 62 dollars for the monthly subscription. Besides these, the game will be available on the following live streaming platforms:


AT&T TV NOW updated their name to DirectTV with new features. The app is not free. They have two packages: Plus and Max. In Plus package, user can enjoy 45 channels after paying 50 dollars per month. In Max package, they offer more than 60 channels for 70 dollars. Before paying, use their 7 days free trial.

Fubo TV

FuboTV is an amazing platform to enjoy 4k sports live streaming. It is not free. You have to buy a subscription to enjoy Super Bowl 2020 live streaming. They also have two plans with 7 days trial. You can enjoy Fubo after paying 55 dollars per month and Fubo Extra after paying 60 dollars per month. In Fubo and Fubo extra, users can enjoy 90 to 120 channels with 4k video quality.

Watch Super Bowl LIV Live Stream in Verizon

If you are in the US during the Super Bowl celebration, you should know that Verizon Wireless has a (non-exclusive) agreement with the NFL to broadcast live regular-season games, playoff games and the NFL Super Bowl 2020. Live streaming of NFL games provided by Verizon was previously limited to Verizon customers. The company has announced that it will offer a free live Super Bowl broadcast available to anyone who has an internet connection, regardless of who the service provider is.

You’ll need to look for more Verizon details about the online applications and options they will use for online streaming as the game gets closer. Verizon owns AOL, Yahoo and Yahoo Sports, any of which can offer access to a free live broadcast of the game. Verizon also streams live special events on its YouTube channel, often with special features for YouTube viewers. Here is a list of possible options to watch the free online NFL Super Bowl 2020 broadcast from Verizon:

Verizon YouTube Channel (download the YouTube application if you are going to watch it from a tablet or smartphone)

  • The Yahoo Sports app
  • The Yahoo Sports website

More options to watch 54th Super Bowl Live Stream

Considering the non-exclusive nature of Verizon’s current agreement with the NFL, there are some more options that could offer a free live Super Bowl broadcast. Stay tuned for updates in the two weeks prior to the game to confirm if these additional options will offer a free live broadcast:

  • NFL Mobile application
  • WatchESPN application
  • NBC Sports app

Enjoy NFL Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream in other countries

NFL Super Bowl is popular is the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries. Contact your nearest TV channel for the update. If they stream the game, you can watch freely. BBC offers free live streaming for the users in the UK.

In Canada, you can watch Super Bowl live stream at TV TSN. They are streaming the game from 2018. Everyone is not capable of operating cable TV. DAZN app is the best option for watching live from the phone through the Internet.

In Australia, Channel 7 offers free live streaming for 54th Super Bowl games. They have been streaming the game for many years.

In some countries, Super Bowl games are not shown. They can watch online through websites and apps. If those websites and apps are blocked in your country, use VPN to enjoy live streaming.

In 2019, Super Bowl live streaming was shown in over 180 countries. In this year, it will be like that. After January 2020, you can see the full list. Every year the following TV channels offer the games in the countries.

  • ESPN in Brazil and Argentina
  • Fox, ESPN, and TV Azteca in Mexico
  • TF1 in France
  • MBC Sports in South Korea
  • ProSieben in Germany
  • Fox Sports, BesTV in China

Final thought,

There are more than a hundred options to watch NFL Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream. You can enjoy the games with money and without money. Don’t miss the opportunities to enjoy Super Bowl wherever you stay. All websites, apps, streaming platforms will help users to enjoy the game.

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